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  • Wrapup – The Seeds of Death

    Hello everyone, the Hissssssstorian here, with the wrapup of our latesssst sssssstory.

    All right, that’s enough of that.

    PRODUCTION NOTES: As with several stories this season, Seeds of Death had a bit of a troubled gestation. Brian Hayles began work on a storyline right after the initial Ice Warriors story, but then had to abandon it for a new one when the production team was less than impressed. The scriptwriting stage was further complicated when Frazer Hines changed his mind about leaving at the end of the Krotons, which meant another rewrite. Then Troughton was given a week’s holiday, which meant the Doctor had to be written out of episode four. Ultimately, episodes three through six were completely rewritten by Terrence Dicks.

    After all that, the production itself didn’t seem to have run into many problems. For the whole story, see the Brief History of Time (Travel) page for this story.

    PROJECT NOTES: We really enjoyed this one. There’s no question that the plot is a bit overcomplicated and the story’s a little light, but we had a lot of fun. What can I say, we like foam. And scary, but slightly silly monsters with amazing weapons. Sure, the whole “human adventure and exploration vs. the T-Mat” thing got completely buried in Ice Warrior shenanigans, but the whole thing somehow worked.

    Yeah, the wrapup’s a little light this time, but we did have a good time with the discussions:

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    And here’s the official episode guide.

    Tomorrow–something very exciting! A story I’ve never seen before, never read a novelisation, kept away from all but the most general summary…sure, the story doesn’t have a great reputation, but…exciting!

    Until then, I remain