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  • An explanation of absence, and a couple of news bits

    Hello everyone, the Historian here. My apologies for our absence last week, and apologies in advance for this week. I’ve had what I will euphemistically refer to as a “family emergency” and have been called out of town. I assure you, though, that (barring the unforeseen) we will be back on 6 February with episode 4 of “The Space Pirates.” Lord help us all.

    And now, two news notes.

    Unfortunately, Barry Ingham has passed away. We’ve “seen” him as Paris in “The Myth Makers”, and actually saw him as the Thal leader, Alydon, in the Aaru movie of Doctor Who and the Daleks.

    A bit of very good news to follow the very bad–it’s been reported (I certainly haven’t heard it yet) that part of William Hartnell’s 1965 “Desert Island Discs” interview has been found! This would be one of the few interviews with Hartnell, during his time as the Doctor, to exist! I cannot wait to hear it!

    Once again, I apologize for the “radio” silence. As I said above, we will be back with a new episode on 6 February. Until then, I remain


  • RIP Christoper Barry

    Hello everyone, the Historian here, with some sad news. One of the great directors of Doctor Who’s first fifteen years or so, Christopher Barry, has passed away. He was 88.

    Barry’s directoral career was large and long, and he directed at least one story for each of the first four Doctors. Of the stories that form part of the TARDIS Project, Barry directed about two-thirds of The Daleks (no, he was not responsible for “The Ordeal”), The Rescue, The Romans, The Savages (all for William Hartnell’s Doctor) and Patrick Troughton’s first story, The Power of the Daleks (for which there isn’t yet a wrapup post). He also directed the Jon Pertwee classic The Daemons…and the less classic The Mutants. For Tom Baker, he directed Robot (Tom’s first story), The Brain of Morbius and The Creature From the Pit.

    More than all of that, though, Christopher Barry was reported to be a real gentleman. And he became a familiar face and voice on Doctor Who DVDs, appearing in numerous documentaries and recording commentaries.

    Another of the greats who contributed to the most classic of the “Classic Series” is gone. The TARDIS Project salutes Christopher Barry. Our best to his family and friends.


  • A survey for our readers

    Hello everyone, the Historian here, with a request for all of our readers. As we approach the end of the first season, Ketina and I have been considering the future. Not of the Project itself (we’re having too much fun watching each episode!), but the blog posting. There’s no question that we’ve gotten a bit more complicated in posting than in, say, our first episode post, with detailed summaries and overviews/reviews. Ketina has admitted to some blog fatigue; I’m still enjoying it, but there’s no question that each post is a lot of work. They take us, on average, about an hour to put together, not least because of the summaries! And, of course, we’re doing this without any feedback from you folks (some of whom we know, some of whom we don’t). So, as we near our first real landmark, I’m asking each of you to take a moment and leave a comment. Or e-mail us at tadisproject at gmail dot com (yes, tadisproject; typos are bad, especially if you don’t catch them before the entire blog has been set up). Feel free to give us any feedback you’d like, but if you could include something about the following, I’d appreciate it:

    What do you like about the posts? What do you enjoy? What don’t you like? Is there anything you’d like to see us change?

    Do you enjoy the summaries? I make them detailed so, even if you haven’t seen the episode in question, you’ll be able to follow along (especially important with reconstructed episodes). Are they too detailed? And what about the format? (A constant argument between Ketina and myself.) I put it all in one paragraph to make it easily skippable if people want to just jump to the review, but would people like it to be broken up more? How would you prefer to see the summaries, or would you rather do without them altogether?

    As for the reviews, how do you enjoy them? Are they dull, pedantic, whatever, or do you find our insights interesting? Is there anything you can suggest that we’re not doing?

    Please, prove to us that people really are reading and following along! Let us know what you think! I’ll put a link to this post to remind people for the rest of the season (five whole weeks), so please comment or e-mail by then. Thanks from both of your hosts and we’ll see you in a few days for the second episode of “The Reign of Terror.” Until then, and with my thanks for reading this, I remain