Who’s Who

The Historian (H) – The guy who started it all, even if he didn’t have a big enough space to host it all in. He obtains the recons, gathers the crazy facts, and is our resident Timelord and super-fan of all things Doctor Who. And knowing him, he’ll likely edit this bio later (please do!)

Regular Companions

Ketina (K) – The Historian’s “First Companion.” Ketina hosts the Project (well, her and Ronelyn’s living room does), types up discussions, and generally organizes TardisProject.net. There is a rumor that Ketina is the only real member of the Project, and that all the others are just voices in the head of a young woman trapped in a Dalek shell on an abandoned asylum world, but these rumors are clearly nonsense. Souffle’, anyone?

Ronelyn (R) – One of the Historian’s earliest companions, Ronelyn joined the Project with her wife, Ketina. Though originally many fans called their relationship a gimmick to attract LGBT viewers, her character has taken on depth over the seasons. Despite rumors that she’d leave by the end of Season 1, it appears she’ll be a companion to the Historian (and Ketina) for the duration. Ronelyn is also the Project’s web site guru.

Schmallturm (Sc) – A long-time friend of the Project’s founders. He drifts out of participating in the discussions in later seasons, but still participates in the Project (i.e. he watches with us and is in the room, but doesn’t say anything.)

Spoomeister / Spoo (S/Sp) – Spoo is…well, basically Ketina’s best friend (after Ronelyn, who’s beyond best). I’ll let him add his own bio.

Mini-Spoo (MS) – Spoo’s son. He typically makes it to showings every other week. When he started on the Project he was only five years old–he has grown up watching the classic shows with us during our six-plus year journey. It’s awe…some.

MisterMother (M) – Another long-time friend of the founders and classic Who fan. Due to scheduling conflicts he became an irregular participant to the Project in later seasons, but frequently joins our discussion partway…whether he’s seen the episode or not.

Cz (C/Cz) – Ketina’s younger sister, in her early 20s. Provides a more youthful view. She’s a “modern” Doctor Who fan, and is generally more critical of the classic stories. She moved in with the hosts about two years into the project and now can’t escape it.

Photobug (P) – Photobug met Ketina about a year into the project, and as a result of his extreme enthusiasm was soon invited to participate. Ketina doesn’t include more than half of Photobug’s puns in the discussion write ups. You’re welcome.

Altair (A) – Photobug’s wife. She’s typically a quiet participant, but often provides a final thought.

Ezio (E) – Also in her early 20s. Unlike Cz, she really enjoys classic Who. She is friends with Photobug and Altair, and joined the project only shortly after they did.

Less Regular Companions

SpookyGirl (SG) – Spoo’s wife (they married about half-way through the Project) and an occasional participant.

ElfGrrl (EG) – Spooky’s young daughter, who was only four when we started the Project. Due to scheduling conflicts she’s a rare but welcome participant.

Doomed (D) – Cz’s boyfriend. He started showing up around mid-season 4 to hang out, and occasionally has a comment. Not (yet) a formal participant.

Abhorsen (Ab) – Friend of Cz’s who started joining us for an occasional episode in late season 5. Also not (yet) a formal participant. <What are all these 20-somethings doing in my house?>

Former Companions

BlueRaccoon – The Historian’s wife. She came for a few early Project stories, but it wasn’t really her thing. She’s more of a “modern Who” fan, and unlike our other “modern Who” fan Cz, she doesn’t live with the hosts.

Kroroboros – Another friend who dropped out of the project early on. By “dropped out,” we mean he fell out of the Historian’s TARDIS during an ill-conceived attempt to help the Seahawks reach the Superbowl.

SumGuy – Teenage son of a friend who joined us for a few episodes early in the project. Tragically died saving the Cybermen from an attack by dinosaurs.

Special Guests

Nireena (N) – Spoo’s sister. Doctor Who fan from the East Coast who has visited the project once or twice.

Jasper (J) – Jasper’s a big Who fan, but can only drop in on the Project very rarely. At least until his daughter is old enough for him to inflict it on her.

Max – Old college friend from the East Coast who, so far, has only attended one episode (part 4 of the War Machines). We keep expecting him to either get his own spin-off series or return in a TARDIS Project comic series Annual Special Edition with foil cover variants.


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  1. A friend introduced me to you.
    How can I say this, I am a dr who fan.
    I would enjoy, if possible, attending your discussions.