RIP Christoper Barry

Hello everyone, the Historian here, with some sad news. One of the great directors of Doctor Who’s first fifteen years or so, Christopher Barry, has passed away. He was 88.

Barry’s directoral career was large and long, and he directed at least one story for each of the first four Doctors. Of the stories that form part of the TARDIS Project, Barry directed about two-thirds of The Daleks (no, he was not responsible for “The Ordeal”), The Rescue, The Romans, The Savages (all for William Hartnell’s Doctor) and Patrick Troughton’s first story, The Power of the Daleks (for which there isn’t yet a wrapup post). He also directed the Jon Pertwee classic The Daemons…and the less classic The Mutants. For Tom Baker, he directed Robot (Tom’s first story), The Brain of Morbius and The Creature From the Pit.

More than all of that, though, Christopher Barry was reported to be a real gentleman. And he became a familiar face and voice on Doctor Who DVDs, appearing in numerous documentaries and recording commentaries.

Another of the greats who contributed to the most classic of the “Classic Series” is gone. The TARDIS Project salutes Christopher Barry. Our best to his family and friends.


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  1. Well, Thanks, Barry, for some really great stories! And we won’t hold the not-so-great ones against you. 🙂 I hope he lived a happy and full life, and I’m sure fandom will remember him for a long time to come.