Wrapup – 100,000 BC

The Historian here. As we end each story, I think I’ll try to include a few links that talk about the production and such. In the future, I’ll try to get Ketina (and whoever else is interested) to engage in a discussion of the story as a whole and how we think it helped to develop the series from our perspective. Obviously, that’s a little difficult when discussing the first story, though I think we did an all right job in the episode posts themselves. As always, if you’d like to engage more, please feel free to comment and we’ll do our best to keep the conversation going.

As far as production details go, it’s hard to do better than Shannon Sullivan’s “Brief History of Time (Travel)” page. His page detailing the pre-production and all work on “100,000 BC” is here; among other things, it answers Ketina’s question regarding the switch from video to film for the fight between Kal and Za. The BBC “Classic” episode guide page for the story, if you are so inclined, is also here.

Last night, to celebrate the completion of our first story, I also brought a little treat with me. A few years ago, the idea of animating lost Doctor Who stories (for which fan-taped soundtracks exist) came into fan consciousness, thanks in no small part to the professional release of the DVD of the sixth season story, “The Invasion.” Since then, a fan named Garrett Gilchrist, with a few friends, has begin to animate selected scenes, using his own “WhoSprites.” He recently put the currently completed scenes together, with some commentary, into a 19 minute video. Links to the individual videos (as well as a link to download the whole presentation) can be found here. WhoSprites is definitely still a work in progress, but it’s wonderful to see how much smoother the process has been getting, and how much longer the scenes to be animated are. Anyway, everyone was very impressed and we can’t wait to see what Garrett and his crew come up with next! Very highly recommended!

At any rate, that just about wraps it up for “100,000 BC,” barring any further discussions folks would like to begin in the comments! If I haven’t said it before, thanks to all of you for reading and taking this journey with us. See you next time, and until then, I remain


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  1. Avatar Alzarian
    Alzarian says:

    I shall always think fondly of this first story… though I simply can’t accept 100,000 BC as the title, no matter how “accurate” it may be. Brilliant first episode, for sure, but even the remaining three are quite good.