6 – Mighty Kublai Khan

Not so mighty…

Hello, the Historian here, bringing you bad news. It seems the person who dubbed our Loose Cannon reconstruction of “Marco Polo” (an official dubber, I hasten to add) accidently left episode six off! The first tape ends with five, the second begins with seven. There is a summary of the episode’s events on this page (scroll down), and the transcription (which I will certainly be reading!) is here. For completeness sake, I should add that the episode was aired on 28 March, 1964.

Obviously, this is a serious disappointment to the TARDIS Project team. We did continue on with the next episode, which I’ll get to in a moment, but I just thought I should apologize to our readers…whoever you are.

In a moment, “Assassin at Peking.” And I remain


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  1. Avatar Alzarian
    Alzarian says:

    How disappointing that you didn’t get the chance to “see” episode 6. Much of this one is leading up to the climatic conclusion… we finally get to the court of Kublai Khan. What a delightfully fun old guy he is. Oh, and Ping-Cho’s little misadventure when she runs away, and Ian has to retrieve her… Plus the eyepatch guy and his monkey… Such colorful characters in this story! Love it!