We went to Anglicon!

Yep, it’s actually been two Anglicon’s since I posted last, but since I actually mentioned this site to several people, I figured I should put up an update.

This year The Historian (Jonathan), Ronelyn (Fran), and I (Sarah/Ketina) actually got to do the Doctor Who panel (or panels in my case) that we wanted to do two years ago when the TARDIS Project ended. And it was fantastic!
We all had a blast, and got to panel with the very generous Charles Martin (you can find his stuff here http://thehappinesspatrol.blogspot.com/) and Sarah Scrivano. I talked about the essential classics, the worst stories, the companions of the Hartnell era, and the lot of us talked about the Reconstructions. It was a very full weekend.

As I rarely check this site anymore, if you have any questions about the TARDIS Project or want to reach out to me directly, it’s best to contact me at Ketina at gmail dot com.

Also several of us from the Project still get together every other Friday night to watch classic Doctor Who. We continued where we left off with The Project, only 1) we watch more than one episode a week, and 2) we don’t blog about it. As of last weekend, we’d just finished the Brain of Morbius.

Anyway, we hope to see you again at next year’s Anglicon (which I’ll hopefully be a panelist at again), and have a great new year!