An explanation of absence, and a couple of news bits

Hello everyone, the Historian here. My apologies for our absence last week, and apologies in advance for this week. I’ve had what I will euphemistically refer to as a “family emergency” and have been called out of town. I assure you, though, that (barring the unforeseen) we will be back on 6 February with episode 4 of “The Space Pirates.” Lord help us all.

And now, two news notes.

Unfortunately, Barry Ingham has passed away. We’ve “seen” him as Paris in “The Myth Makers”, and actually saw him as the Thal leader, Alydon, in the Aaru movie of Doctor Who and the Daleks.

A bit of very good news to follow the very bad–it’s been reported (I certainly haven’t heard it yet) that part of William Hartnell’s 1965 “Desert Island Discs” interview has been found! This would be one of the few interviews with Hartnell, during his time as the Doctor, to exist! I cannot wait to hear it!

Once again, I apologize for the “radio” silence. As I said above, we will be back with a new episode on 6 February. Until then, I remain