Short Break and Emerald City Comic Con

Sorry that we didn’t have a post last Friday. We’re interrupting The Dominators for a few weeks. We’ll be back on Friday, April 4th.

In the meantime, come see us a Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle on the weekend of March 28 – 30 (2014). We don’t have a table, but we plan to at least attend any Doctor Who panels and hand out fliers about the site.  I hope that some of you are new readers that we met at the Con. Feel free to comment below if you are!



2 Responses to Short Break and Emerald City Comic Con

  1. Avatar Doctor 2
    Doctor 2 says:

    Hi I got your flier at ECCC at the Whovians Unite panel. I was the 2nd Doctor. I’ll be joining you here on the website and watch episodes. Sounds like fun.

    • Oh my goodness, a REAL reader! Yay! (We really need to improve our Spam filters… so many spam posts!)

      Looking forward to hearing from you!