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  • We went to Anglicon!

    Yep, it’s actually been two Anglicon’s since I posted last, but since I actually mentioned this site to several people, I figured I should put up an update.

    This year The Historian (Jonathan), Ronelyn (Fran), and I (Sarah/Ketina) actually got to do the Doctor Who panel (or panels in my case) that we wanted to do two years ago when the TARDIS Project ended. And it was fantastic!
    We all had a blast, and got to panel with the very generous Charles Martin (you can find his stuff here http://thehappinesspatrol.blogspot.com/) and Sarah Scrivano. I talked about the essential classics, the worst stories, the companions of the Hartnell era, and the lot of us talked about the Reconstructions. It was a very full weekend.

    As I rarely check this site anymore, if you have any questions about the TARDIS Project or want to reach out to me directly, it’s best to contact me at Ketina at gmail dot com.

    Also several of us from the Project still get together every other Friday night to watch classic Doctor Who. We continued where we left off with The Project, only 1) we watch more than one episode a week, and 2) we don’t blog about it. As of last weekend, we’d just finished the Brain of Morbius.

    Anyway, we hope to see you again at next year’s Anglicon (which I’ll hopefully be a panelist at again), and have a great new year!


  • We’re going to Anglicon!

    Ketina here. Ronelyn and I will be attending Anglicon in Seatac, WA next weekend. We’ll be there for the full convention (and even staying in the convention hotel). Hopefully some of you reading this now met us there!

    If you’re a new reader, the Project is basically done. We’re hoping to add some final “Final Thoughts” posts from the crew, as they trickle in over the next week or two, but this is it. Six and half years of material is all here of our crazy adventures watching the first six seasons of Doctor Who one episode per week.

    Enjoy the site, and feel free to drop me a line if you want to chat Doctor Who. You can find me as Ketina at gmail dot com (I’m Ketina, or KetinaS just about everywhere online).



  • Song from Spoo

    I’ll Be Seeing You
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday)

    I’ll be seeing you
    In all the old familiar places
    That these hearts of yours embraces
    All day and through

    In that small cafe
    On Earth, or Gallifrey
    That belov’d box so blue
    The quarries and the bases too

    I’ll be seeing you
    In every episode rerun
    In Vicki, Barbara and Chesterton
    In Zoe, Brig and McCrimmon

    I’ll find you in Epping
    And when your face is new
    I’ll be looking at Jon Pertwee…
    But I’ll be seeing you.

  • Happy Cheese Weasel Day!

    Today is April 3rd, and it’s Cheese Weasel Day!

    But that’s incidental. This post is because we’re skipping this week, and will be back on April 10th. Last weekend we skipped the Project because of Emerald City Comic Con. This week we’re skipping due to the Historian getting “Con Crud” from attending said Comic Con.

  • An explanation of absence, and a couple of news bits

    Hello everyone, the Historian here. My apologies for our absence last week, and apologies in advance for this week. I’ve had what I will euphemistically refer to as a “family emergency” and have been called out of town. I assure you, though, that (barring the unforeseen) we will be back on 6 February with episode 4 of “The Space Pirates.” Lord help us all.

    And now, two news notes.

    Unfortunately, Barry Ingham has passed away. We’ve “seen” him as Paris in “The Myth Makers”, and actually saw him as the Thal leader, Alydon, in the Aaru movie of Doctor Who and the Daleks.

    A bit of very good news to follow the very bad–it’s been reported (I certainly haven’t heard it yet) that part of William Hartnell’s 1965 “Desert Island Discs” interview has been found! This would be one of the few interviews with Hartnell, during his time as the Doctor, to exist! I cannot wait to hear it!

    Once again, I apologize for the “radio” silence. As I said above, we will be back with a new episode on 6 February. Until then, I remain


  • See you in November

    We’re skipping a few weeks due to various commitments, Halloween, and synchronizing the schedule better around the upcoming Thanksgiving (US), Christmas, and New Year Holidays.

    The next story, The Seeds of Death, is a 6-parter, and we want to break it up as little as possible. So we’ll be watching episodes 1-3 in November, with a week break for Thanksgiving, and episodes 4-6 in December, with a break for Christmas (and possibly New Year’s)  before starting The Space Pirates.

    That leaves us with two stories or 16 episodes going into 2015. Depending on future breaks, we should be wrapping up the end of season 6 sometime in May.


  • Another short break – Back on July 11th

    Due to an unanticipated power outage, we were unable to hold the TARDIS Project on Friday night (seriously, everyone was here and we were just about to start and boom, no power… it was out for a good 3 hours).

    Next week, on the 4th of July, is American Independence Day, so no Project then either. We’ll be making things go boom that evening instead.

    See you in 2 weeks!


  • Viewers: How should we watch The Invasion?

    So, we have a quandary for the next story, The Invasion.  This upcoming story in the project (that we’ll be starting in two weeks) has two missing episodes – 1 and 4.  We have two main alternatives on how to watch this:

    • First, we have our usual recons. The recons for this story are of the older variety, and as a group we’ve generally been a lot more critical of the earlier recons.
    • Second, the DVD of this story released with animated versions of the missing stories. However, we understand that these animations are somewhat error prone and have continuity errors.

    So, what should we watch for the two missing stories, the recons or the animations? Which would you, as readers, like to hear about? Please tell us in the comments!