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  • We’re going to Anglicon!

    Ketina here. Ronelyn and I will be attending Anglicon in Seatac, WA next weekend. We’ll be there for the full convention (and even staying in the convention hotel). Hopefully some of you reading this now met us there!

    If you’re a new reader, the Project is basically done. We’re hoping to add some final “Final Thoughts” posts from the crew, as they trickle in over the next week or two, but this is it. Six and half years of material is all here of our crazy adventures watching the first six seasons of Doctor Who one episode per week.

    Enjoy the site, and feel free to drop me a line if you want to chat Doctor Who. You can find me as Ketina at gmail dot com (I’m Ketina, or KetinaS just about everywhere online).



  • 6 – Marco Polo

    Hello everyone, the Historian here, with one more episode! Way back in April of 2008, we missed an episode, due to not having the reconstruction to hand. It’s been a few years, but the time has come to finally watch episode six of Marco Polo, “Mighty Kublai Khan!” After this, we can officially declare the Project done, barring final post(s), some link clean-ups and wrapup additions! A note about this reconstruction: it is not the one we watched when we saw the rest of this story, but a new one released by Loose Cannon (of the no-longer-functioning website) a couple of years after we saw their old recon. And so, for the last time, let’s get to the episode!

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  • Song from Spoo

    I’ll Be Seeing You
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday)

    I’ll be seeing you
    In all the old familiar places
    That these hearts of yours embraces
    All day and through

    In that small cafe
    On Earth, or Gallifrey
    That belov’d box so blue
    The quarries and the bases too

    I’ll be seeing you
    In every episode rerun
    In Vicki, Barbara and Chesterton
    In Zoe, Brig and McCrimmon

    I’ll find you in Epping
    And when your face is new
    I’ll be looking at Jon Pertwee…
    But I’ll be seeing you.

  • 10 – The War Games

    Hello everyone, the Historian here. Well, here we are, six years and six months after this whole crazy idea began. Well, really about seven years since I got the idea, but we officially started the TARDIS Project on the day of Doctor Who’s 45th anniversary, 23 November, 2008. We’ve had our missed weeks along the way, our lack of postings due to burnout, but we kept plugging away at the episodes and the discussions. And, as I said, here we finally are…The War Games, episode ten, the last episode of the TARDIS Project. (Although…see below for a surprise…) It’s with a bittersweet air that I say….

    ….Let’s get to the episode!

    This episode first aired 21st June 1969.

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  • 04 – The War Games

    Hello everyone, the Historian here, welcoming you back to another episode in this, our final story. If we kept up with our running gag, I’d be making a hypnosis joke right about now, but I think that one’s been played to death, don’t you?

    EVERYONE ELSE: Yes, we think that one has been played to death. You are right, Historian.

    Ok, just one last time. (I so rarely hear that!) Anyway, let’s get to the episode! This episode first aired 10 May 1969.
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