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I admit it–I don’t have much published. I’m working on it, believe me. In the meantime, I’m trying something. I’ve added snippets of many of my short stories here on the blog. Just click on Get Some Stories in the sidebar to begin reading. I have links to a few full stories that are available online, and I also have partial stories, with links to where you can buy them. If you read ’em and like ’em, feel free to comment here! Trust me–I’ll notice. It’s a small fandom. 🙂

GeekGirlCon 2017 Panel Joy: Transhumanism!

Wow. Every year that I go to GeekGirlCon I come away with my cheeks sore from grinning so damn much. What a fun and unusual convention! Loads of women who’re into all kinds of different fandoms, tons of little kids of whatever gender running around enjoying the show, bunches of cool science and gaming exhibits…just loads of good stuff, and an incredibly inviting and encouraging atmosphere!

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Where to get Nerve Endings…

So, as I’ve mentioned various places, I got a story (How She Is After Work) published in a really cool, really weird anthology of transgender fiction called Nerve Endings. It’s a very diverse book, centered on love, romance, and sex, but of widely varied styles. Modern day, post-apocalyptic, fantasy…all kinds of stuff. And all over the range between chaste and “oh-I-had-no-idea-how-vanilla-I-was.” 🙂

Anyhow, I’m very proud to have been chosen. I don’t expect every story to be to every reader’s taste–not all of ’em were to mine. However, they’re excellent, provocative stories, and odds are good that more than one will hold your attention and linger in your mind.

The book’s listed on Amazon, but rarely available there. You can order the print version directly from the truly excellent Elliot Bay Books, but I’d been unable until recently to find an e-book version anywhere. Well, Instar Books has ’em. Wuhu! Ten dollars for e-book only, which is a pretty reasonable price for a thick book. I hope you enjoy it!



Well, that was a long nap!

I’ll admit it: I STINK at blogging and social media. If anything’s gonna kill my writing career, it’s my inability to maintain a constant pressure of self-promotion. I can write. I can edit. I can take critique. I can even, with support and encouragement, submit what I write. But I have a REALLY hard time either bragging about it or talking into the wind about whatever subjects are on my mind.

My posts cut off because I was laid off from my technical writing gig last year and spent a bunch of time scrambling to figure out what to do. That’s not an excuse, just an explanation for the curious. If anyone knows how (short of implanted electrodes or hiring a producer) to keep the updates comin’ regular-like, feel free to post about it in the comments. I’m sure I’m not the only one interested.

30 Days of Coming Out, Day Three

The question for Day Three: “Who was your first real-life crush?”
I had a few hard crushes, but the first? I think it would have to be Jennifer Docherty. I have no idea what’s happened to her, but fourth-grade me didn’t have a chance. She and I had known each other since nursery school. She had blond hair, wore jeans instead of skirts, and she was way, way, way cooler than I would ever be. She played soccer better than most boys, climbed trees, and took nothing from ANYONE. Plus, she had a 12-inch Boba Fett action figure. I hope she’s out there somewhere, doing exactly what she wants with who she wants, and that she’s happy.

30 Days of Coming Out, Day Two

The question for Day Two: “How old were you when you first discovered you were LGBTQ?”

28. I mean, I should have known. If I were growing up today, when the word “transgender” is out there in the world, and what it means to be trans is more accessible, someone might have figured it out. As it was, the only person who deduced it was an ex-Army sniper who stunned me when he said “Yeah, I always figured you had a gender problem. Glad you worked it out.”

30 Days of Coming Out, Day One

I started this challenge late, on the sixth day, so I’m playing catch-up right now. The question for Day One: “Share your name, age, and identity. Share a picture of yourself.”

My name’s Christine Frances Stewart, born Christopher James Hedberg. I’m 44 years old, and I am a late-onset transgender woman and a lesbian. For those who know about such things, I technically fit the criteria for autogynephilia, but think that it’s a bogus diagnostic category. And as for the picture, this is as good a description as any:

A goofy-looking woman stands screaming cartoonishly as a fake bank safe crushes her foot.

If you had ever doubted it, here’s evidence that I am either a toon or a muppet.

30 Days of Coming Out

So over on Facebook, some friends started doing a cool activity for this month of LGBT Pride. Every day, they’re each answering a different question about their queer history, drawn from this list. I started it on Facebook, but…well, I’m a writer, and I take my words seriously. Some of these answers deserve the real treatment, with thought and drafts and rewrites. They deserve to be remembered. They deserve to be real stories. So I’m going to post them here and rewrite them until…well, until they show my true pride.